2018 Travel Dates

March 8th-9th: Big Sur, California
March 10th-18th: Joshua Tree, California
March 19th-23rd: Claremont, California
March 24th-26th: Los Angeles, California
March 27th-29th: San Diego, California
March 30th-31st: Page, Arizona
April 1st-3rd: Scottsdale, Arizona
April 4th-10th: Joshua Tree, California
April 11th-13th: Yosemite National Park, California
June 21st-24th: Champaign, Illinois
July 13th-15th: Medford, Oregon
July 27th-29th: Manzanita, Oregon
August 12th-19th: Iceland
September 4th-7th: London, England
September 7th-10th: Paris, France
September 10th-13th: Prague, Czech Republic
September 13th-14th: Milan, Italy
September 14th-17th: Lake Como, Italy
September 17th-18th: Venice, Italy
September 18th-22nd: Tuscany, Italy
September 22st-26th: Amalfi Coast, Italy
September 26th-29th: Lisbon, Portugal
September 29th-October 3rd: Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 3rd-October 4th: London, England
October 19th-20th: Seattle, Washington
October 31st-November 4th: Isla de Holbox, Mexico

If you happen to be in any of theses locations, no travel fees apply.